[Exploring Lavenham Audio Tour]


The Tour, which takes about 90 minutes, gives a full description of many of the Lavenham buildings and also recounts numerous stories of the past told by local residents. The digital audio based system enables you to stop and restart the tour at any stage you wish.

The route, suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs, is approx one and a quarter miles. A map will be provided.

Children can win a small prize for the correct answer to the Secret Lavenham Quest which runs through the Tour.

The fourth sound clip describes Lavenham's Railway and the effect it had on the village. It also includes one of the clues to the Lavenham Quest.

The Tour is available from Lavenham Pharmacy, 3 High Street. See Google Maps for the location.

Opening hours:
Mon to Fri9.00-6.00
Sun (summer season)10.30-5.00
Sun (mid January to March)closed
Sun (rest of year)10.30-4.00

All Audio Tours must be returned before closing time in order to retrieve deposit (cash / credit card).

Adults: £4

Children (under 16): £2.

To pre-book coaches, school parties or for any other information, see the Enquiries page.

If you're not sure, you can ask What is an Audio Tour?

Exploring Lavenham products currently available are:

All profits from the Tour go to Lavenham Community Council, Registered Charity number 1106956, which works for the welfare of the village.

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