[Exploring Lavenham Audio Tour]

You'll remember your last guided tour - the information given without thought, directed at those at the front and often beginning before you've caught up. No time to linger in front of a shop that you fancied or for a photograph.

In Lavenham, you can take a tour at a pace that suits you.

Our Audio Tour comprises a set of headphones, a small portable audio player and a map. With this easy to use equipment, you lead the tour yourself.

The great advantage of this 'Audio Tour' is that the audio can be stopped at any point you choose for as long as you like and restarted from the same place.

This is important because amongst Lavenham's pubs is one acclaimed as 'Pub of the Year' and its numerous eating places include a fine French restaurant. You may wish to stop at one of our many fascinating shops or galleries or buy supplies at our butcher or baker, widely regarded as amongst the best in East Anglia.

Now you can learn about the town and enjoy all the facilities in your own time.

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