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Fiddler Simpson's Cottage today
Fiddler Simpson's Cottage was moved from Washmere Green to its present Bury Road site in the 1930s. This was achieved by an enterprising maker of harpsichords by the name of Hodsdon. Locals still remember him riding through Lavenham in his steam car.

The Cottage at Washmere Green
The original house is probably as old as any in Lavenham but prior to its removal and rebuilding it had fallen into a derelict state. From 1859 however it had been the home of Fiddler Simpson and his wife. Fiddler was so-called because he was well known around the local hostelries with his violin.

Thomas 'Fiddler' Simpson is described on his marriage certificate as a farm labourer and his wife as a spinster. They were married in Lavenham Church by the Rev. Samuel N. Vowler on 27th November 1857.[Fiddler & his wife]

[Photo]This shows the house after it was moved and rebuilt by Mr. Hodsdon. The thatch was replaced by tiles some 20 years ago.
Roy Whitworth

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